Prices:- All prices are in Singapore Dollars and are Non-Negotiable.

Service Charges 7%  will be extra.Buffet Set up and Transport Charges:  A transport and buffet set-up charge of S$100.00 is applicable to all caterings with buffet set-up. However, these charges are not applicable for caterings delivered in disposable containers. 
Confirmation on number of pax & Quantities:- It is the responsibility of the host/event organizer to ensure that all details related to the number of pax for the event/catering are accurate, and as reflected in the order confirmation slip. Children less than 8yrs of age or 1.2 meters in height are chargeable as ½ Pax. Infants are not chargeable. Any requirements for an increase in the number of pax to be catered for, shall be highlighted to the management no less than 72 hours prior to the event. The management does not, at any time guarantee it will be able to cater for an increase in the number of pax. Any decrease in the number of pax to be catered for, shall not be allowed and the guest will be charged for the full order.  Should there be a higher than expected turnout on the day of event, the management shall not be held responsible for any food shortages. The exact number of plates, based on number of pax for which food has been catered, shall be provided. Any occurrence of over-consumption shall be highlighted to the host or his delegated personnel by our representative from the onset. Should the host agree to the provision of more plates, an additional cost based on the increased number of pax will be applicable with a 20% surcharge on menu price.   It is to be noted that the reference to our representative mentioned earlier, shall only be present if requested by the host, based on the charges applicable. Should the host opt not to have our representative present, (at SGD75.00 for 3 hours) no extra plates shall be provided and quantities of food supplied will be on the basis of our experience about the average consumption per pax. The guest is advised to enquire from our staff the quantities to be supplied. No claims about the shortage of food will be entertained. 
All dietary requirements are to be highlighted in writing to the Management upon confirmation of order, failure of which shall waive any responsibility on part of the Management. For buffet set up, we provide tables & table cloth, warmers, disposable plates, cutleries, thrash bags and serviettes for free. Melamine plates, stainless steel cutlery and polycarbonate tumblers are available at an additional SGD1.50 / pax. Porcelein/Chinaware plates, stainless steel cutlery and glass tumblers are available at an additional SGD2.50/pax. 
Deposit & Payment- A deposit of 50% of the estimated bill amount is payable at time of confirmation. The balance amount shall be payable prior to the event in cash or bank transfer. In the event of difficulty in communication with the host/organiser, the balance amount will be charged to the credit card details provided at time of confirmation. Any cheque payments would have to be received no less than 3 working days prior to the event.    
Cancellation – Once confirmed, orders cannot be cancelled. In case of any cancellations, deposits shall be forfeited without prejudice. Cancellation or change of date/venue/timing is not allowed less than 72 hours prior to the event, subject to confirmation by Management. The management, shall at all times, not be held responsible should it not be able to accommodate/accept a change in the earlier-mentioned. Alteration/modification of catering menu orders are not permitted. 
Medical Indemnity : While the Management guarantees to use the best and freshest of ingredients at all times, it shall not be held responsible for any sickness/allergies caused due to any dietary restrictions or consumption after the prescribed deadline.  
Buffet Set Up The host, or a relevant member, shall be present for food tasting during set-up. Any claims about the taste, quantity and quality will not be entertained thereafter.   Same day collection of catering equipment is only applicable till 23:59hrs of the day of set up and any collection delays thereafter shall incur a next day collection fee of 100.00 dollars as per the amount reflected in the page prior. The Management will not be responsible for any delay in set-up due to any unavailability of venue, and any such delays shall incur a late set-up fee of $100. Any delay in set-up caused due to unforeseen circumstances, such as (but not limited to) weather conditions, road accidents, civil unrest and the likes, shall not be the responsibility of the Management. Any claims due to such delays, will not be entertained. For events in which a Live Cooking Counter(with/without flames, charcoal and the  likes) is catered for, it is  the  responsibility of the host/organizer to obtain the necessary prior approvals from the location management. It is also the responsibility of the host/organizer to ensure the availability of any required electrical points so as to facilitate any live cookings.  
Damages & Losses – Any loss or damage to the caterer’s equipment, crockery, cutlery, musical equipments, tables, chairs and etc, due to negligence of the organizer or his representatives, shall be borne by the host. The extent of damage and its cause is based solely on the discretion of the Management, without prejudice. The Management and its staff shall not be held responsible for reasonable wear and tear caused to the venue, electrical switches,  flooring and etc. Guests are advised to secure their belongings and we shall not be held responsible for any losses. Consumption Guidelines Food should be consumed within a maximum of 4 hours of set-up time. The Management shall not be held responsible for deterioration of food quality (if any) thereafter. To prevent consumption of any deteriorated food, packing/takeaway of food before/after/ during the catering event is strictly prohibited. 
Employee Protection We value our staff and will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse. Any such matters will be reported to the immediately. The delegated staff present at the event will only facilitate in service of food and set-up of buffet.  
We shall in no case responsible for the shortage of any specific dish in the selected menu as long as there is something else available to eat.

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